Looking Back In Time - The Hagin Clan and Other Allied Families


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Hendry Family

The Hendry Family as known today begins in Scotland, probably the Isle of Arran. John Hendry and his sons emigrated to North Carolina about 1770. The family spread to many locations but our line moved from North Carolina to Burke County and then Liberty County, Georgia. They lived in Taylor's Creek near Hinesville and their original land is now part of Ft. Stewart Army Base, From there our line moved into Thomas County, Georgia and then to Madison County and Taylor County, Florida.

The James Madison Hendry Family

Robert McFail Hendry

Sons of Robert McFail and Martha Carlton Hendry

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Taylor Creek Cemetery, Ft. Stewart, Liberty Co. GA

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The report for the descendants of John Hendry is too large for posting here. The report may be viewed at our FTM website. It is available by going to our links pageand selecting the genealogy link. The primary line for our family is:
1.) John Hendry / Unknown
2.) Robert Hendry / Ann Lee
3.) William Hendry / Catherine McFail
4.) Robert McFail Hendry / Martha Carlton
5.) James Madison Hendry / Louisanna Williams
6.) Helon Hendry /Daniel Washington Blue
7.) Lessie L Blue / Henry Hagin