Looking Back In Time - The Hagin Clan and Other Allied Families


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Favorite Web Links

Genealogy Site for our Families. Surnames include: Hagin, Blue, Hendry, Hendrix, Allen, Lowe, McWhorter, Mewborn, Burkhalter, Carlton, Alderman, Pettyjohn, Meetz, Thompson, Jones and others.

Our family Rootsweb Site. More genealogy information is located here. This site can be searched for specific names and reports can be generated for your specific requirements

Read our son's newspaper column. Click on Editorials, Doug Hagin

Great site for Hendry Family information across the United States. If you are researching the Hendry and associated surnames click here

The National Blue Family web site. Lots of information for Blue families across the nation here.

Dooly County, Georgia. Home for our Blue family in the mid 1800's. Good genealogy site with links to the US GenWeb genealogy research site(s).

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